Veteran Aid Project

The Veteran Aid Project is dedicated to helping you secure the benefits you deserve. We help Veterans and their surviving spouses attain the Aid & Attendance Benefit form the Department of Veteran Affairs.


  • The Veteran Aid Project provided a very professional and comforting approach to the rather complex admission process. Their direction and support was much appreciated. This office is providing excellent support to our Veterans and is an asset to the community.

    Lori L. – Daughter of Veteran

  • When my Poppy passed away, my mother was left with many bills and no money to pay them. All of us kids chipped in and did what we could to help out for the past five years. My sister had called and spoken within the government veterans department, but was told there were no benefits she would be due to receive.

    We just took that as word, and did not question it until your program….Suddenly, a possibility shone on the horizon. A possibility that would take my mother from a hand-to-mouth, needy existence–to one of freedom and independence. That is exactly what your program did. …you helped to put or minds at ease, all the while showing us exactly what to do and how to go about the entire filing process. Your expertise guided us through the maze of governmental verbiage and the stacks of paperwork that had once seemed insurmountable. One step at a time, you took us, and we are now receiving the full benefits momma deserved!

    Marga H. – Daughter of Surviving Spouse

  • You did a great job!

    Steven R – Son of  Surviving Spouse of Veteran