Our Team

The Veteran Aid Project was established in 2005 as a free community service, to assist veterans, widows of veterans, and their families with their Long Term Care Expenses by qualifying for the VA’s “Aid & Attendance Benefit”.  Our slogan is, “We serve you . . . because you served U.S.”

While the Benefit has been available since 1951 there are currently less than 200,000 Veterans and Widows receiving monthly checks.  The VA has stated there may be an additional 2 million who could qualify today.  Our goal is to find as many of those Veterans and Widows as possible and to work diligently on their behalf.  We achieve this goal by having free informational workshops at Retirement Communities in the East Tennessee area and through an extensive referral network.

Our Team is composed of professionals who have united our efforts through our association, and who volunteer our time for the benefit of all seniors, especially our veterans and their families; our “Mission Field Work”, if you will.

We don’t take this mission lightly. And to make certain that we give you the best information we can, each of us completes extensive training.  As professionals, the VA Improved Pension for Aid & Attendance Benefit is something we know very well.  A growing network of area adult senior communities and home health care agencies use our training and educational workshops.

There is NO cost associated with these services; NOT to the facility, NOT to any resident of the facility, NOT to their family members.  We will assist any Veteran or Widow of a Veteran in obtaining their allowable benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs.

NOBODY will ever be denied our services.

Image of Charles Kuhn, WWII veteranWe’d like to take a moment of personal privilege to salute our father, a WWII veteran, now deceased.

When the war broke out, our father, like many of you or your late husbands, felt so strongly about this country and the freedoms that we enjoy, that he dropped out of college and entered military service.

To his last day, serving in WWII was among the proudest experiences in his life.